First of all I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers (both IFReC and the SIgN) for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to present my research in front of an esteemed scientific community.

I found the winter school on Advanced Immunology as an incredible experience. I found the debates and the talks extremely thought provoking and interesting. It was an honor meeting so many highly acclaimed professionals in the field of immunology. The evening discussions actually led us to look at more profound issues involved in science and also the daily life of researchers in different countries and in different environments. I'm left with a real feeling of having been a part of something worthwhile and uniquely dynamic.

There were a lot of stimulating and inspiring ideas to be digested afterwards when we had a critical reading of manuscript and the intensive discussions, which triggered me further to look for the theories and the current issues with a different perspective.
During each session, the participants had the unique opportunity to discuss their data and to discuss the science with the keynote lecturers, organizers, committee members and the audience comprising of young and dynamic researchers.
The evening continues with the poster sessions in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere and high standard presentations from all the participants.

The first thing which came to my mind when I thought about winter school is lot of lectures by the scientists covering the general or basic aspects in order to educate the students and to encourage the budding researchers in this field. After attending the winter school my whole idea about the winter school just changed. After listening to the talks which are so descriptive and so advanced which have actually revolutionized the world in the area of immunology and the defense mechanisms, that now I feel that this experience is no less than a world class conference or a symposium.

It would be a great pleasure if I can become a part of such highly interactive and informative programs in the future.

Sarang Tartey