Meneki Gakkai Report

I participated in the annual meeting of Japanese society for immunology, 2011 held in chiba, it was a perfect opportunity to come across with the crux of ongoing research in immunology. I was introduced to the plethora of studies currently being carried out on the rapidly growing diverse areas of immunology comprising B cell activation, T cell biology, autoimmunity, inflammation, lymphocyte development, imaging of immune responses, allergy, etc. apart from my current research interest i.e. innate immunity. I was a particularly interested in studies on the molecular mechanism for pathogen sensing, and several aspects to this were covered by different talks by some of the top notch scientists from japan and other countries , like the cell biological aspect of innate immunity about the new regulators of microbe induced trafficking of TLRs, viral non-self RNA detection by RIG-I-like receptors in cytoplasmic granules, and different signalling pathways and innate receptors involved in sensing foreign nucleic acids. 

The conference was well organized and categorized into different sessions and workshops which allowed me to divide my time effectively to attend the talks directly or indirectly related to my present research. Moreover, the symposia was in English and there were many other presenters in workshops who gave their talk in English contrary to my perception that most of the conference will be in Japanese. There were vast number of topics which interested me, some of them were studies on allergy showing role of TSLP on activation of dendritic cells and TSLP receptor mediated atopic dermatitis by langerhans cells,and new food allergy models, several posters were on different methods of generation and administeration of vaccines and test their efficacy. Others like generation of artificial lymphnodes by cell free method were also innovative ideas. The poster sessions were very interactive and informative providing me a chance to learn about the new tools, techniques and approaches to improve my research and broaden my scientific thinking . I had the opportunity to give my first ever oral and poster presentation on ``Generation and phenotype analysis of NLRC5 knockout mice``, which was a good learning experience and instilled a great a deal of confidence within me. I hope to imbibe the knowledge attained from the meeting to my research and understand the complexities of immune responses in more details. 

It was my maiden visit to chiba(Tokyo) and I quite liked the place. Altogether It was an illustrative and motivating conference for a graduate student like me and I`m looking forward to attend many more in future.

Surya Pandey