I visited Breckenridge, Colorado, USA to attend 2010 keystone symposia on "Lymphocyte Activation and Gene Expression". Although, the research topics presented in this meeting was not directly linked to my present research work but I learnt several new topics such as cell biology, transcriptional regulation and early events of lymphocyte activation which will be important for bridging innate immunobiology (my present research topic) with adaptive immunobiology . In addition, I was introduced with various visualization tools and techniques applied to visualize of lymphocyte activation which is one of most promising field in future immunobiology research. The knowledge from this meeting was not only helpful in understanding adaptive immunobiology but it will also helps me in applying various imaging tools and techniques to unveil various biochemical events of initial Host-pathogen interactions.

    The friendly and cooperative nature of participants of this meeting from various countries in nice ambient of Breckenridge also provided me an opportunity for collaboration to conduct future research wok which will be important for the advancement in understanding of the complex interactions of pathogen with the host immune system.

By Kumar